About Us

We are a US-based social media marketing agency with a special purpose: to help individuals and businesses reach more social audience and become viral.We believe everyone deserves a chance at fame and becoming an online sensation. Our goal is to remove any technical and financial barriers that can prevent individuals and small businesses from making their mark on social media.

Our Story

After years in social media marketing, we realized that it is not very easy for people and businesses to market their brand and services on social media. Traditional social media marketing services were too complex, hectic, time taking and expensive.

We created a new social media marketing strategy by keeping in mind the user perspective.

Our goal was to offer a platform that was as simple as ABC and where clients didn’t have to scratch their heads just to get the idea of the process and campaign flow and a platform that doesn’t break our clients’ bank.

We keep our promotion methods simple so all you have to worry about is managing your business and not its marketing. And best of all, our marketing plans are the lowest in the industry so you don’t have to spend big bucks to get more user reach.

Today we’re proud to offer our services to individuals and businesses around the globe.

Social Media Marketing Should Be Simple

We believe that no person or business should go through complicated and expensive marketing campaigns that are intended to fetch every last penny from the client’s pocket with so little return on investment.

Our Customers Mean the World To Us

At SocialPrawn, we strive to provide exactly what our customers are looking for. A major part of our marketing process includes client feedback to make sure that the client is getting the quality services that he has paid for.

Marketing Campaigns Should Not Be Too Complicated

We believe that creating a marketing campaign should be simple enough so every client can choose his marketing platform and other bits without having any technical knowledge.

Let Us Grow Your Social Media Audience

The competition on social media has transformed itself into a war for the last couple of years. Gone are the days when social media was just used for interactions between individuals and product announcements for businesses. Today, social media is used by influencers to grow their followers and promote services and products of their own or others. Small businesses to big corporations are using social media to interact with their customers and solve any issues or problems their customers are facing as well as reaching more userbase to market their name and create a brand of themselves.

So if you are an influencer, celebrity or a business organization looking to promote their brand and reaching more potential clients but finding it hard in current marketing difficulties then we can help you promote your services and products on social media and reach more users without breaking your bank.