Buying Youtube subscribers

Is Buying YouTube Subscribers Against the Rules?

Buying YouTube subscribers seems exciting, isn’t it?

For any beginner, reaching viewers appears to be incredibly difficult. That’s why paying to increase your subscribers seem the easiest way to boost your channel. But it comes with a trade-off.

This could be the thing that ends up ruining your channel. You can still purchase subscribers, but you will be aware of the repercussions.


Is it possible to buy genuine YouTube subscribers?

A thousand subscriptions will cost you between $30 and $50, and 1000 views will cost you between $3 and $4. That’s a bargain, but it can have disastrous repercussions. Companies that offer subscribers and views may try to persuade you that if your channel is empty, your videos will be buried behind the material of more popular channels, and that having a foundation audience will encourage viewers to like, comment, and subscribe. Is that correct?

 So cheap! Let’s buy!

So, assume you’ve just purchased your first thousands of members as a thought experiment. Now, your new video should garner a lot of views, right? Most likely not, because the thousands of subscribers aren’t genuine. These folks didn’t subscribe to your channel because you paid them to, but because you BRIBED them. It’s possible they’re bots that don’t understand what you’re saying because they’re from another nation.


How Does YouTube React?

You have a thousand subscribers on your channel, and you publish a new video to which almost no one watches. As a result, your YouTube channel appears to be worse than before. It’s not a good indicator if you have thousands of subscribers but only forty people watch the video.


What happens after you upload the following video?

You’ll have to pay them again and buy new views and comments; else, the YouTube algorithm will penalize your video. Do you see where this is going? As a result, you become addicted to these services and feel compelled to buy additional views and likes. That is, after all, what they are attempting to accomplish. They want you to keep buying more and more things. You will, too! Because they are being sold so cheaply. Remember that they aren’t real subscribers. You are not purchasing consumers. You’re purchasing phony numbers with no real worth.


Is buying subscribers legal?

 If YouTube detects that you have purchased subscribers and views, it will remove them all (YouTube does this quite regularly). In the worst-case scenario, your entire channel could be shut down.



Trying to generate money by buying phony views and subscribers comes with a lot of risks, especially considering the cash return isn’t large. Other than getting followers, there are other ways to make money on YouTube.

Going through legitimate channels is the greatest suggestion for YouTube creators who want to buy views and followers. Because Google might be claimed to sell views itself through its ad services, buying real views isn’t legally against the rules. While you may pay Google for YouTube views, the quality of their services can range from good to horrible. You can also hire freelancers to obtain you legitimate subscribers and views, but the quality of their services can range from excellent to bad.


But how can I Grow my YouTube channel Then?

SEO using video! Check out tubics, a service that assists businesses and YouTube producers in improving their video rankings on search engines like YouTube and Google. This works similarly to website search engine optimization (SEO), but only for YouTube videos. You’ll get specific recommendations for video optimization that you can use right away in the software.

Create content that YouTube viewers will enjoy viewing or find useful, and make it consistently if you want to avoid even the slightest chance of your channel being harmed. It may take a long time, but you will notice progress.

This is the most effective technique to build a dedicated fan base that will assist you in gaining more subscribers. Bot farm views and subscribers, which account for the majority of purchased views and subscribers, may be superb at simulating human online activity, but there will be consequences if you are detected.

Purchasing subscribers is unlikely to have a significant impact on your channel’s growth pace. Also, this way of raising channel traffic will not get you any closer to building a community of subscribers who can’t wait to see your next video, which should be every aspiring YouTube creator’s ultimate goal.

Finally, we do not encourage purchasing false YouTube followers.