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Is Buying YouTube Subscribers Against the Rules?

Buying YouTube subscribers seems exciting, isn't it? For any beginner, reaching viewers appears to be incredibly difficult. That's why paying to increase your subscribers seem the easiest way to boost your channel. But it comes with a trade-off. This could...

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11 Most Common Mistakes Artists Make On SoundCloud

SoundCloud isn’t just a home to aspiring musicians looking to gain exposure; it’s also popular among labels and A&R reps who actively scour the site searching for the next big thing. Unfortunately, many artists on SoundCloud make certain mistakes that...

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10 Tips to Grow Your Personal Brand on YouTube

When trying to build your personal brand on YouTube, there are many things to consider. How much time do you have? How much money do you want to spend? What type of content will perform best on YouTube? And what...

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What kind of content can you use to supercharge your YouTube presence?

YouTube has become the world’s most popular video sharing site since its inception in 2005, with millions of videos uploaded to the site every day, ranging from short educational and promotional clips to full-length feature films. But what type of...

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