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How to Use Spotify

With over 286 monthly active users, Spotify is no doubt one of the biggest music streaming service out there. Users love it for the features and options it provides. With so many features, it can be sometimes daunting for you...

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Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story

Instagram stories are a medium to show your images to the whole world.  Stories help you get appreciation on your images or get them viral. You can add one photo or add multiple photos to the Instagram Story at the...

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Unfollow someone on Instagram

Instagram is a platform to follow and connect with your relatives and friends. The user follows each other here and see each other's content. But what if the need for unfollowing someone arises? Well, unfollowing someone on Instagram is even...

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Change Instagram Password

In this digital age, where we share our personal and private moments on social media, it's good to have a safe and secure account. Your account's security, for the most part, depends on your password. Your password should be easy...

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