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What kind of content can you use to supercharge your YouTube presence?

YouTube has become the world’s most popular video sharing site since its inception in 2005, with millions of videos uploaded to the site every day, ranging from short educational and promotional clips to full-length feature films.

But what type of content is best for YouTube?

YouTube is an expansive universe, but popular YouTube content falls into a handful of categories. You probably already know what’s out there, so let’s look at some trending (and growing) categories to get a better idea for what works. Luckily for you, we’ve outlined some popular types of YouTube videos that make up just about every corner of YouTube: from DIYs to unboxing and everything in between.

For each type of video, we will also include some examples that you can use as inspiration to create your own successful YouTube content. As this is the starting of your YouTube channel hence we have one additional tip too to ensure your success.

Let’s get started!



Vlogs are videos about your life. They can be daily vlogs where you show what’s happening in your day, or they can be more serious long-term vlogs where you discuss something. Vlogging is a really popular form of YouTube content, particularly if you are a young YouTuber or want to build up a following quickly. It’s also one of the most accessible forms of YouTube content for beginners as it doesn’t require any special equipment and anyone can film themselves doing anything. It does require some practice and skill though, so don’t expect overnight success! If you want to get started with vlogging, check out our guide on how to start a YouTube channel here.



An unboxing video is a short clip where you open a brand new product. Unboxing videos are hugely popular on YouTube, as many people love to see what’s inside their new products and whether it matches up with their expectations. From opening iPhone boxes to revealing what’s hidden in mystery bags or makeup containers, unboxing videos are all about exciting viewers by showing them something they can’t wait to own themselves. Because these videos tend to be very formulaic, they’re an excellent place for newcomers to start; while it isn’t original or particularly creative, at least someone who wants to start making YouTube content can easily replicate what works.


Reviews (Tech/Makeup/Clothes/Food):

Reviews are probably some of the most popular kinds of YouTube videos, but they don’t have to be boring. People love learning about new products and technologies—so find a way to present yours in an interesting way. Include what you like about it and what you don’t. For example, a good review will talk about whether or not you think something works as well as expected. But a great review can tell people how one product compares to another. And for best results? Film your video on location (for example, filming a makeup tutorial in front of your bathroom mirror) or show off an unboxing session for tech gadgets (your viewers want to see what comes with these things).


DIY Videos:

A DIY video, sometimes called a how-to video, is a short video that shows you how to do something yourself. DIY videos are most often used on YouTube as well as Youku, Tudou and other Chinese sites. They’re also used by companies in email campaigns or blogs. People love them because they cut down on time spent doing things themselves and help viewers save money, since they use their own products or services.


Animated Story Videos:

One type of video that’s becoming increasingly popular on YouTube is animated story videos. These are essentially just like they sound: animated stories! The story can be anything from a children’s bedtime story to a cute romantic tale or even something spooky. Regardless, these seem to really appeal to many different people, especially kids and teens who don’t have a lot in common with traditional video content. Stories will also give you an opportunity to really stretch your animation muscle, which may be useful if you’re working on other projects at home (or otherwise).


Comedy Skits:

Watching comedy videos is one of the most popular reasons for people to visit YouTube. Some viewers just enjoy laughing and being entertained, but you can also learn about a variety of topics by watching videos made by comedians. To create a video skit, try recording yourself on your phone as you act out a simple script. If you need help coming up with ideas, there are tons of skits available online or in books that could provide inspiration—or even give you an idea for something new! Skits are easy to film and make fun to watch, so try making one yourself!


Educational Videos:

Doing educational films makes a lot of sense if you consider yourself an expert in a particular topic or subject. These videos can be appealing YouTube users who are always on the lookout for new information. If you do decide to make educational videos, make sure you do your homework first. You could lose a lot of money if you spread false information because your videos will be singled out for criticism. So, if you want your knowledge on a specific subject to shine through in your YouTube videos, consider making educational films.



Only some sorts of channels benefit from timelapse videos, but if yours is one of them, they can be highly powerful. Timelapse movies show a sequence of images at a quicker rate, making time appear to flow faster, hence the term “lapsing.”

Timelapse films, by their very nature, are better suited to videos that span a lengthy period of time or are focused on production, such as this gigantic pool construction timelapse, which has over 2.9 million views. You can generate additional sales by putting a link to your website or online store that you might not have acquired otherwise!

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So these are some popular types of YouTube content to generate a traffic to your channel. You also must have understood what type of content is best for your YouTube channel.

Which types are missing from our list? We want to know! Shoot us an email or leave a comment below.