How to repost an instagram Post

Repost on Instagram

Unlike its rival social media platforms, Instagram doesn’t allow you to share other’s content on your profile. Yes, you can tag your friends in the post or send them the post link. But you cannot share it on your profile.

This definitely makes Instagram’s interface simple and clean but takes the fun away with it too. But don’t be disappointed yet. There are some ways you can repost on Instagram even if the platform doesn’t allow it.

Let’s see how you can do this step-by-step.

Repost on Instagram by using Repost App

Here are the steps you need to follow to repost on Instagram.

  1. Download the “Reposting app” for Instagram
  2. Open the Instagram app and log in to your account
  3. Find the picture or video you want to repost
  4. Click on 3 dots on the top right corner of the post
  5. Choose “Copy Link” Option
  6. Open repost app for Instagram
  7. Paste the link and repost it

There you have it. You’ve shared the posts again. Re-sharing is a good method to keep your viewers intact if you don’t have new content. It also helps your old content to get noticed.

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People often share their old posts again and relive the moments that were special once. You can follow this guide to repost on Instagram and share your old content with your new audience.