Buy Instagram Followers

Buy Instagram Followers

Buy Instagram Followers to increase Fanbase

In August 2019, the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance ran a list down. This consists of a list of well-known artists.

You won’t believe, from Ellen to Taylor, to Ariana had phony Instagram followers. The digits were — 49% fake, 46%, and 46%, respectively.

Instagram has proved itself as a game-changer in the Social Media Industry and has turned the life of many people around.

If you have a good amount of following on Instagram, then you are in for a treat. You can get famous, earn money or become an influencer all if you have a good number of followers on Instagram.

Benefits of Instagram Followers

Instagram followers are the currency of 2020. If you have more followers on Instagram, then you can do a hell of a lot of things.

There are a few benefits to why you ought to consider to get Instagram followers. We will list down a couple of advantages you can expect when you’re buying Instagram services.

Get more brand awareness

If you are hoping to get more individuals ready, then the simplest approach is getting a lot of followers. The least complex strategy to get more followers is to buy Instagram followers from us.

More followers imply that more individuals are keen on what your brand needs to say.

Likewise, when you have a high follower count, you will hook up with different brands. These brands will contact you from your targeted niche, just like others.

This way you’ll not only end up telling people about your brand but also expanding your business around the world. More and more people will know about your brand, and you will become a worldwide brand from a local one.

Become an influencer

Every niche has influencers. Individuals who are the most famous are authority figures. This is because of their exposure and knowledge.

Getting active Instagram followers wins you everything. These individuals will admire your brand. This will make you more business-oriented.

When you become an influencer in your field, many new doors open up for you. You earn a lot of respect, a lot of money and even better, people believe what you say.

An influencer has a really good influence on the market. People believe and act upon their advice.

Beat bigger brands

The bigger brands in a niche may have a strong benefit, and it is hard to stretch out beyond them. But with the help of our Instagram follower service, you can easily outperform.

This will help you reach the branding level of your competitors. This is available at great prices, which won’t put a scratch in your bank account.

When you have a lot of followers on Instagram, you become a brand yourself. People buy from you and put their trust in your word. What’s better than this.

Building trust

One of the most significant brands is pursuing trust with their target demographic. Trust is priceless and can’t be purchased. Anyway, individuals partner trust with brands that have countless followers.

Trust is something that can assist you with increasing a ton even in the most competitive of markets.

When you have a lot of followers, people see you as a trusted entity. This gives you many advantages, such as people who value your word and advice.  People buy from you and recommend others also to do so.

By building trust, you achieve fame, success, money, and whatnot.

Increases the overall search presence

If you have a number of followers on your profile, then you have the option to reach more statues. It will assist you in promoting your business and getting featured on Instagram.

When people for a specific thing on Instagram, then the accounts with more followers come up in the search, this way, you increase your popularity, and more and more people get to know you, and it starts a chain.

Sharing content

Followers will, in general, promote and share your brand much of the time. If you have more Instagram followers, they will share your content. Thusly, this will make you popular.

This works like a chain. When one Follower shares your content to his profile, then his Follower sees it and share it to their profile ( if it’s share-worthy).

This way, your content gains more chances of getting viral and seen by more people, thus increasing your total reach.

Followers improve your brand’s overall image

The number of followers on a brand page shows how mainstream the brand is. If you have an enormous number of followers on your page, then it would improve your brand’s visibility.

And you can, without much of a stretch, advance beyond your opposition.

The more the followers you have, the more credible your account in the eyes of the user. Most people judge the authenticity of a brand on the basis of their number of followers.

So you should get a good number of followers to appear an authority in your niche and to outdone your competitors.

How to get Instagram followers

Getting Instagram followers isn’t hard if you either invest time or money. There are long routes as well as shortcuts available to achieve the followers you want.

It depends upon you whether you want to invest time and energy or money. If you want to invest time and energy, then you will save money, but you’ll have to wait for months to see the results. While in these months, your pre-existing competitors will grow bigger and bigger.

If you spend money buying real Instagram followers, then you will see the results in less time, and you won’t have to sweat a bit.

Here are ten tips on how you can get free Instagram followers with investing time and energy.

Upload Quality Content

No matter how many times it has been said, it’s still less. You should upload the best content you can create on your Instagram account. You should offer what others aren’t offering. Your content should be unique in the sense that it provides value to the users.

When you do this, then your content automatically gets the audience it deserves. Although it takes time, You don’t have to do anything else. When people like your content, they share it with others, and then the word spread everywhere.

Upload Frequently

If you upload quality content but not frequently, then people are going to forget you after some time. Obviously, you don’t want that. Keep uploading good content in a frequent manner to keep your audience intact and growing.

This way, you’ll have a new audience incoming, and the existing audience retained. What’s better than that. Right?

The Hashtag Game

Many people don’t pay attention to hashtags. Hashtags are game-changer that if you are using the right ones. See the competitors who are successful in your niche and copy their hashtags. You will see growth in your reach.

You can also search the hashtags which are trending, and you can use them in your posts to give yourself a boost. This is a quick way to get Instagram followers in a legit way.

Collaborate with others

This is a killer tip if you want to grow quickly on Instagram. Reach out to successful Instagrammers and ask them if they can collaborate with you. This way, their audience will see your content, and if they like it, they will become your audience too.

You can ask your friends or family who are famous to do a collab with you or you can ask any famous influencer in your niche to do so. Many influencers charges for doing a collab.

You should see whether the influencer you are doing a collab with has relevant followers to your niche or not. If yes, then you should do it otherwise it will be of no use.

Follow Fellow Instagrammers

As old it is, it still works. When you follow other Instagrammers, they take a look at your content and follow you back, too(if your content has a ring to it). People have been using this technique since the start and getting good results from it.

You should go into the Follower’s list of your competitors and start following them. This way you’ll have a list of people specifically interested in your niche. When you’ll follow them, they’ll see your content, and if your content is engaging enough, they’ll follow you back.

Do giveaways

Do giveaways on your Instagram account. This is the ninja technique to grow your following. Although many people have used this technique unethically, it still works.

Arrange a giveaway and tell your audience to share your account, tag their friends, or comment on the post in order to become a part of the giveaway competition. When they’ll do this, you’ll start to see a lot of new audiences on your page or account, and your number of followers will start to gain up.

Also, don’t cheat on your audience. When the giveaway ends, make sure you keep your promise and provide the winner the product you promised.

Get Shoutouts

If you want to get more Instagram followers quickly, then this is the way for you. You can ask others to give you a shoutout. Some will give you for free while others will charge for it. But surely this will help you to gain Instagram followers quickly.

When you get a shoutout from someone, make sure their audience is related to your niche. So when they see your content, they can relate to it and follow you too. Otherwise, the shoutout will be of no use, and you will end up losing your money.

Leverage Your Current Following

You must have seen people asking you in their every video to like, share, and comment. Well, this way, you remind your audience to interact, and you increase your reach.

Ask your current followers to share your content with others. They will share your content if you are providing value. This is a good way to multiply your following. This works like a chain. When one Follower shares your content to his profile, then his Follower sees it and share it to their profile ( if it’s share-worthy)

Cross-Platform Promotion

Why limit your content to Instagram when you can share your content on other platforms. Share your content on Facebook, Whatsapp, or YouTube to get a quick boost in the numbers.

Getting popular on Instagram takes a lot of time, but if you share your content on platforms like Facebook and Reddit, then you can save a huge amount of time. Moreover, you’ll have more opportunities to grow here than on Instagram.

The Right Time

Post content frequently and see which time is when most of your followers are online. Once you get the idea, then post more and more at that time. This way, when you’ll post, your content will be shown to most of your audience, and your reach will increase.

When most of your followers are online, your content is seen more, shared more, and liked more—eventually increasing your total views at the end. This is a great way to leverage your current followers.

Do Live Sessions

This is a good strategy to increase your followers overall. When you come live, and interact with your followers, they get a sign that you care about them. This way, they take an interest in your content and share it with others.

The Notification Squad

Tell your followers to turn on the notifications. So when you upload content, they’ll get the notification. This way, they’ll come directly to view your content, and you’ll increase your viewership. This is an easy thing to do to retain your current following.

Get Free Instagram Followers

Free isn’t really free because when you want to get followers on Instagram without spending money, you have to spend time and energy.

This is because of the cut-throat competition on Instagram. Every day more and more accounts are created, and new competition is started. Growing there without spending money is hard and time-consuming.

Free just means you won’t have to spend money, but who says no time or energy. Yes, one way or another, you have to pay. Now it depends upon you how you want it.

You can either spend your precious time and energy and wait for months to see the results to show up, or you can just buy real Instagram followers and get it over with.

Buy Instagram Followers

Buying Instagram followers is the right choice if you want to grow on Instagram in 2020. This is the shortcut that helps you to avoid the competition happening right now.

This way, you don’t have to spend time or energy, and you get the result you want quickly.

Buying Instagram Followers come with its fair share of dangers. For example, if you buy bot followers, then you are in for real trouble.

Bots are worse than anything because you’ll end up losing your money and your account with all your data as well.

So whenever you buy, you should make sure that you don’t buy from bots or shady providers as they can land you in pretty serious trouble.

Can you buy Instagram Followers?

Yes, you can buy Instagram followers, considering you buy real Instagram followers. Instagram is a prominent online networking stage. You can share pictures and other content effectively on Instagram. Individuals buy Instagram followers for different reasons. However, if you want to improve your business, then you should look for a service that will help you in doing so.

By getting targeting and real Instagram followers, you will be able to achieve new heights for your business.

Make sure to find out the best services that will help you by creating a solid Instagram campaign for your profile.

Social Prawn is going to help you gain targeted real followers for your profile.

Why Should You Buy Instagram Users?

There are numerous reasons to splurge out and just buy followers. The advantages of being Insta-famous are neverending.

When you set up your online realm, you do as much then you anticipate. Such with the point of branding yourself. Then building your brand and making the most out of your web pages, feeling overwhelmed? We can do similar to your Instagram account!

Your profile’s future!

Indeed, even those that post four to five times each day can take a long time to amass. And a few people can go through decades stopping at their online domain to little impact.

Your profile’s future depends upon it. If you want to get success on Instagram, then you should consider getting Instagram followers.

Top-Notch Instagram Followers

We just deliver quality Instagram followers for every one of our users, with no special cases. If you are searching for a speedy lift to your Instagram account, take a step forward!

Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers

When you buy Instagram followers, you don’t only see an increase in the numbers of your Follower, but you get a ton of different benefits that you didn’t think were possible in the past.

The Instagram following has become a real tool to improve your online presence. Whether you are an artist or a business, you will require an excellent following on Instagram to improve your brand image. Instagram has been playing a vital role in branding.

A Lot of businesses are using Instagram to get sales; a lot of artists are using it to make their art reach out to more people in the world.

Instagram followers only prove to be effective as long as they are real and relevant. Yes, if they some bots, then they are more harm then good. You wouldn’t want to put yourself in that situation. There are a lot of scammers in the market which will take your money and provide you fake followers. They will get your account banned and will make you lose your data. You should play safely in this regard.

Save time and money

To develop a decent measure of Instagram, followers take quite a while. The best activity, if you need to spare time and exertion, is to Buy followers.

You can develop your audience rapidly. And focus on other significant parts of your business.

Amazing Targeting Tools

Get genuine Instagram supporters from all over the world. You can then enjoy yourself with your intended interest group fast. Just enter the hashtags, usernames, or areas you’re keen on and watch your followers grow. Focus by language or channel by specialty.

Quick Growth

This goes without saying that growing on Social media platforms takes a lot of time and effort. You have to spend time on making great content, uploading it, following others, and whatnot. And this is not even one-time practice; you have to do this repeatedly till you get a good amount of followers. Surely this process is exhausting, challenging, and downright inefficient, and you wouldn’t want to get into such difficulties.

Gone are the days when techniques such as “like for like” or “follow for follow” used to work. Nowadays, if you want to succeed on a platform, then you have to devise a proper strategy; otherwise, you’re endeavor will be in vain.

Let’s just for a moment, assume that from the last three or six months, you have been working hard and putting all your efforts and time to grow your account. You have spent time on making great content, uploading it, following others, and whatnot. Will you see results? No. Because you don’t have enough followers to start with. When you don’t have enough followers, then who will see it and who will share it, make sense. Right?

When you have more followers on your account, the more chances are there that your content will be shared and will reach to more and more audience.

Buying Instagram followers provide you an advantage and provide you shortcut to avoid the long and exhausting process of manual growth. You can consider it as a “life hack” as it saves not only your efforts but also time. You just have to pay to get the users who are interested in your content already to follow you and increase the number of your followers.

Appeal to a Wider Audience

Having a huge number of followers means to grow your account worldwide. Yes, from a local brand, you become a worldwide brand. Your audience gets wider and wider, considering how many followers you have. When you have a high number of followers, you get a chance to show your brand, product, or talent to a wider audience. You aren’t limited to a bunch of people; instead, you are a celebrity worldwide. That’s the real power of Instagram. Many known artist and brands have started their career through platforms like Instagram in the past.

Increase Website Traffic

You can increase traffic to your web if you have huge followers Instagram account. Yes, You have heard right. When you have a huge number of followers, then you can derive a lot of traffic to your website. You can mention your site in your posts or mention a link in the bio. You can even make a promotional video about your brand through which you can derive a lot of traffic to your brand and make a good amount of sales.

This way, you’ll not increase your sales or conversion, but you’ll end up having more revenue, and your brand will become more and more strong with every day passing. You can utilize this traffic as you want. You can use monetization network,  you can do affiliate marketing, you can do dropshipping, or you can even sell traffic to others. Yes, you can allow other brands to advertise on your page by posting a video of their or making a story about them. It’s a win-win situation for you.

Increase in Revenue

When you have a lot of followers, you get a lot of traffic, and you’re revenue increases as well. This way, your product or brand is seen by more and more people, and you see the numbers of your customers grow up. You get more sales, more conversation rates, eventually adding up into your revenue.

You can still earn money if you are not selling anything, or you don’t have a brand. Yes, that’s possible, and many people are doing this to earn a good amount of money. When you become an authority in a niche and have a lot of followers, then brands reach out to you to promote their product. You can promote their product by posting a story about it, a video about it, or even just by posting a review about it. You can charge as much as you want, considering how much followers you have and how active they are. Getting Instagram followers is a lucrative business as it can help you in many fields.

One thing you should consider is that you shouldn’t keep your account just for promotion purposes. Your account shouldn’t be filled top to bottom with promotional content. Providing value to visitors should be your first priority as it builds trust, and you gain quality followers. You can read the tips given above to make the most out of this process.

Increased Visibility and Credibility

When people see a lot of followers on your account, they think of you as an authority. This increases your brand awareness and overall credibility. By becoming an authority, a whole lot of new doors open up for you, which means you can now do many new things which you couldn’t have done in the past.

Paid vs. free followers

This depends upon you. Some people prefer paid while some prefer free followers. If you have time and energy to invest and you can wait for a month or two to see results, then you can opt for free followers by using the methods given above.

If not, then you can get paid Instagram followers. This will save your time and energy, and you will see results in days.

How many Instagram Followers to buy

There is no limit or boundaries. You can buy as many followers as you want as long as they are not from bots. Because they can get you banned

This goes without saying that followers from bots do more harm than good. You can lose your data as well as your account.

So as long as you are buying real and organic followers, then you can buy as many as you want.

SocialPrawn provides 100% real and organic followers using proven strategies and

Read this before Buying

Look for a reputable supplier. Shockingly, buying Instagram followers has gotten less clear than it used to be.

Why? Since 2018, Instagram began taking action against rehearses; these were the ones that breach its terms of service. That includes fraudulent third-party apps, fake followers, and bots.

Therefore, third-party auditing and checking tools are getting progressively popular. And with all this pressure, a portion of the enormous vendors had just gone belly-up.

Looking into spots to buy real Instagram followers is a cloudy rabbit hole. You may end up searching for one terrifying website. They have questionable security, logic, and copy-editing. But that’s not us! There are many services to browse. We give ensured results.

Analyze Your Competitor

You should analyze your competitor and see how many followers do they have. By doing this, you will get an idea where to start, and you’ll come up with a figure.

When you see the competitors who are successful in your niche, you get an idea of how you can be successful in your niche.

Say No To Bots

Don’t ever use bots, not even the free ones, as they can get you banned in no time. Instagram prohibits the use of bots and bans users who use them.

If you use bots, you are at high risk of losing the account and your existing followers as well. This isn’t the place you want to go.

Relevant Instagram Views

Always buy relevant Instagram views as they will increase your reach and provide you more good in the long run.

If you buy irrelevant followers, then you are alerting Instagram that something is fishy, and you are also getting no value out of it.

Why Choose Us?

We, for the most part, offer organic Instagram followers. This will never drop from your profile. The followers which you buy are 100% permanent. They will follow your profile consistently.

Online visibility

Your online presence is reliant on perspectives and offers that your content gets. This upgrades your influencer capacity.

Internet-based marketing utilizes well-known pages in a web-based promotion. This can be an extra income to pay from paid advertisements.

Get followers on Instagram in One Step

We make the process of payment extremely simple when you get active and real Instagram followers in the USA from us. You can utilize a Credit or Debit card, Paypal, etc. Make your Instagram profile stand apart from the crowd.

Through such avenues, you can contact a more extensive group of audience. We offer a safe and secure payment process, and you won’t face any privacy issues at all.

Respect for privacy

We respect the privacy of our customers, and your account information will never be shared with anyone. You can count on us, and we will make sure that your account privacy is intact.

Planning Your Campaign And Budget

Buying followers is no off-base decision for the size of your camp Instagram. A little planning and preparation will assist you with accomplishing your objectives. When you are about to buy real active Instagram followers, you will have to set a budget limit. You can visit our price page to see which one is lined up with your budget. On the other hand, you could reach your number of fans in a single order; it relies upon your objectives.

We are here to enable your Instagram profile to stand apart among the rest. The details of your payment will never be shared with any third party. Your financial security and privacy are ensured when you deal with us.

Simplest Platform to Buy Real Instagram Followers

Much of the time, this implies being on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and such. It’s great to inquire about where your Instagram followers are so you don’t sit around idly on stages they’re not frequenting.

When you have those profiles going, you can use your Instagram account to fabricate a cross-stage group of audience.

From people, organizations, to celebrities, we have a differing scope of customers. For each business that needs to open an account on Instagram, we are here to assist them with a solid follower base.

This will assist you in boosting your essence on the platform and give the presence of being a strong, reputable brand.

Buying Instagram followers can, indeed, end up being the simplest method for marketing your brand to customers.

When you are starting a new account, it’s extremely hard to grow your followers. On the grounds that with barely any followers, individuals will, in general, say, “Why I follow them if no one else is?”


The fact is, if you look at 2 identical accounts and one has 20 followers, the other account has 20,000 followers. The account with 20,000 followers will grow at a faster pace since it has more exposure connections with other Instagram accounts.

Since there are a significant number of followers attached to it.

Research indicated when you have more Instagram Followers; you are able to increase new followers. Instagram is continually updating/changing their algorithms.

It is thus becoming increasingly harder to build your account. It boosts your Instagram profile when you buy followers.

It depends on your requirements, whether you need to buy Male Instagram Followers or real female Instagram followers. Get in touch with our experts to get a consultation to find the targeted audience.

Dependency Factor

The Follower depends on your profile. It can make them choose without a moment’s pause to follow you or view your profile.

Delicacy And Dedication

Our service is incredible for the new accounts, just as the enormous, set up accounts. If you need more exposure and you want to grow rapidly. You need to create a solid strategy for boosting your account.

Our Target

We target your niche, whether it is professional or personal, then initiate marketing. We give results before the given time span. You can’t get loads of followers on Instagram on your own.

When you Buy Female Instagram Followers only, you don’t need to start from scratch. This will include building up your credibility, let us handle that job for you. You need new Instagram followers, then you should have some initial count. This includes the testimony of your reliability. Through us, you’re contacting your potential customers visually through Instagram.

How To Buy Instagram Followers

Buying Instagram Followers is really easy. Here is a 5 step process to buy Instagram Followers.

  1. Go to
  2. Navigate over to Services > Instagram PromotionBuy Instagram Followers.
  3. All packages will appear on your screen. Choose your desired package.
  4. Proceed to Checkout.
  5. Fill in your information and place your order.


We all are aware of the importance of Instagram followers. If you are residing in the USA, then it is necessary for you to have the following in your own region. Whether you are running a business or want to explore your options in the field of modeling and acting, you should always consider relying on Instagram.

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms for businesses and individuals. If you have a good following on your Instagram profile, then you will be able to achieve the desired results in your professional and personal life.

The demand to buy USA Instagram followers has gotten progressively mainstream in recent years. Individuals love Instagram names and like being related to them. Research shows that posts or pictures of brands get numerous comments and likes.

Having numerous followers, especially from the USA, will boost your brand. If you are hoping to make your mark on this platform, what you need is a critical number of followers. Thankfully, presently you don’t have to experience the entire problem; you can undoubtedly buy Instagram followers in the USA through us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Buy Instagram Followers?

If we can put it simply, the higher the follower count is, the greater your impact will be on your clients. It can also give a boost to your profile on Instagram.

How To Buy Instagram Followers For Free?

We don’t offer free Instagram followers or even recommend that you get free followers from other SMM agencies as well because all of the free followers are a bot or fake and can get your account banned.

Is It Safe To Buy Instagram Followers?

It is totally safe! Many brands and artists are doing it and it gives a boost to your brand image. But when you buy yourself some followers you don’t do anything to discredit your own account.

Where Are These Instagram Followers From?

It’s up to your branding requirements to select the regional Instagram followers. You can get followers from any specific region depending on the requirement of your marketing plan. We are offering a 100% Secure and Genuine approach to buy Instagram followers.

Are These Real Instagram Followers?

With Social Prawn, you can always get the real Instagram followers for your profit. We don’t provide fake followers and we highly discourage free Instagram followers as well. If you want to turbocharge your brand’s exposure, then you should consider buying real Instagram followers. We have been providing these services for a long time and you can count on us for the real followers.

Why Should I Buy Instagram Followers From Social Prawn?

Because all of our promotional methods are organic and are in compliance with Instagram’s terms and conditions. Plus, we do not offer bot or fake followers.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Instagram Followers From Social Prawn?

Our Instagram followers’ marketing plans start from just $12 and go up to $132 so you can choose the number of followers based on your budget.

How Can I Buy Instagram Followers From Social Prawn?

Our ordering process is really simple. You just have to choose your desired number of followers and make the payment and we will start your marketing campaign right after successful completion of the payment.

Can I Buy Instagram Followers From India?

We don’t offer Instagram followers only from India. But you can state in the order notes that you want your campaign more focused in India and we will design your campaign accordingly.

Can I Buy Instagram Followers From India For Free?

There might be some SMM agencies that would offer free Instagram followers from India but Social Prawn doesn’t recommend them as these followers will be bots and harm your account.

What Is Instagram Followers USA?

Instagram followers the USA implies to active Instagram users from the USA. Businesses and individuals who are primarily working in the states, often go for USA specific marketing campaigns.

Is It Safe To Buy Instagram Followers From The USA?

Absolutely. You will buy active Instagram followers USA from Social Prawn, which implies that the followers you get are real individuals from the USA and it is completely safe. We are well aware of the struggles that newbies face on these platforms and we are going to provide the services at very affordable rates.

Is Buying Instagram Followers Worth It?

Of course, it is. It can boost your profile and give a sense of credibility to your followers.

Can Instagram Ban My Account If I Purchase Followers From The USA?

Instagram has no arrangement of restricting individuals from buying followers. So, your profile is totally safe, and yet, it stands apart with an Instagram number of followers.

How Can You Get More Followers To Your Instagram Account? And Increase Your Visibility?

If you are a newbie, then you can start using our Instagram services. This will help you to reach new heights. We will create your Instagram Marketing plan and will bring followers to your profile. Your profile will be followed by new individuals. This will get an expansion of your followers. We have a simple order system through which you can submit a request for Instagram followers.

Does Social Prawn Offer Packages?

Can I Buy Gender-Specific Instagram Followers?

In simple words, Yes. You will not only be able to run marketing campaigns to target the right audience but you’ll also get quick delivery in simply a matter of days. When you buy Male or Female Instagram followers from us, you’ll be assured of exposure. We comprehend your needs, and we regard your privacy. We don’t uncover any information about you. We are here to assist you with boosting your quality on Instagram. Our primary objective is to promote you just as your brand. We offer a guarantee on our service, just on the off chance that you are disturbed. Once you place an order, our team will conduct an assessment of your account.

Does Social Prawn Use Bots?

No, we don’t utilize bots. We promote your Instagram account by means of keywords, interest just as the country. Your Instagram followers will have their own images, fan following, profiles. They will be active on this social media site.