Buy Instagram Views

Buy Instagram Views

Buy Instagram Views to get Viral

Imagine possessing thousands of views on your single Instagram video. Your brand will become the word of mouth, and you are acquiring a large number of followers on your account or page every day, and new people are adding in your list of followers and viewers automatically, and generating views, likes for your content, simultaneously.

Well, it may seem difficult to you if you are new on this platform and started as a social media influencer, or started a business page or account. You must have tried and applied some tricks to enhance the views on your videos.

You might be struggling with having views on Instagram. You might know the significance of video content, people like watching videos on social media platforms, and it has a greater influence than audio, images, or text.

You can boost the number of views on your videos by practicing some tricks and practicing some strategies and plans.

For understanding and implementing such strategies, you need to understand what is meant by views on Instagram.

You will understand how you can hook the audience to enhance the views on Instagram. Audience engagement is the key if you want to become successful on online platforms.

The audience is an asset for you to generate profit and revenue for your business. It is comparable to the traditional businesses where buyers and relationships with buyers determine the success of a business.

What is the view on Instagram?

It is counted if someone watches your video for at least 3 seconds. The perfect timing for videos is 1 minute and 30 seconds. However, some videos can be longer or shorter than this, but the ideal time is considered 1:30.

The reason behind this fact is that we as an audience, require concise and precise messages.

Nobody has enough time to watch longer videos. So, you have to hook your audience in the initial 10 to 30 seconds of the video.

When it comes to Instagram, it gives you 60 seconds for videos. You can deliver your message in 60 seconds. It is difficult and easy both at the same time. You have to hook your viewers to watch your videos. If you fail to do this, then you cannot grow the video’s views.

Importance of views on Instagram

Well, you may know the importance of views on Instagram, but they are more crucial than your expectations. It can create a great impact on the viewers’ minds. Loads of Views on content will compel the viewers to watch it because it indicates your video is worth watching.

You can stay ahead of your competitors by getting a large number of views on your videos. This way, you can win followers and viewers to become successful.

Think of it as a review, when products receive positive feedback from users and buyers, other people think the product must be providing some value to its users and buyers.

They think they should give it a try, at least once. Similarly, when you would have high watch time on your videos, your content will show up to large viewers, and you can acquire followers as well.

How to Get Instagram views

If you are here, then your goal is to get Instagram viewers. But the point is how to get Instagram views?

For this, we came up with several tips and hacks that can surely bring the fancied results shortly.

You can buy Instagram views, but you have to keep various factors in mind before spending money on purchasing views. There are multiple ways to get Instagram views. So, let’s start…

1. Try different contents to know your audience

This platform allows you to upload stories, videos, and photos on your page or account. You can upload any of these to stay in touch with your followers. You can keep them updated by uploading different types of content.

This way, they would know more about yourself; keep them curious about your next move and your day to day activities.

By uploading diverse content, you can understand your audience. You would find what they like the most videos, pictures, stories, or live streaming videos.

Our recommendation is never missing out on any opportunity, and keep a balance between all these.

2. Provide quality content to retain audience

Quality content is the key if you want to earn a good reputation, success, and popularity in a virtual world.

You can increase the followers on your account or page by providing the viewers with quality content. Quality is the key to retain more viewers and followers.

If you will value your viewers’ time, then they will value your brand. The unique, engaging, and quality content can provide you higher than your expectations.

Description Matters

3. Use hashtags to maximize reach

Well, you must know the importance of hashtags. It can expand your reach, and you can receive views on your content.

A study shows that using 11 hashtags on a single post can astonishingly increase your influence on the audience.

A massive audience will view your content. If you are providing quality, then those viewers will turn to your followers. It is the easiest way to boost views on Instagram.

4. Optimize headline, Bio, & Profile Pic

These are the first things anyone will see when they visit your profile. These should look good and leave an impression in the mind of the user.

Your bio should be precise and to the point and written in a manner that it should capture the attention of the new audience. The same is the case with the headline and profile pic.

5. Write a descriptive Description

We know most of the people don’t read the description when it comes to video but stats of “Nat Geo” state otherwise. Yes, they write descriptions with their video and they see good results.

This is because people get content to comment on and to share it on their profile.

6. Make catchy captions

It is another way to increase free views on Instagram. With good storytelling, engaging and catchy captions, you can draw in extra viewers and followers on your account or page.

A picture is more than enough to speak everything, but a great story can connect your followers emotionally.

You can use relevant and popular hashtags in your captions to maximize the reach and double the impact of your posts.

7. Interact with other influencers

You can identify your competitors and find out the influencers. An interaction with them can win viewers and followers for you. You can turn on notifications to know when they post.

This way, you can interact with them whenever they upload any posts on their page or account. However, you have to make your account public to get Instagram views.

You cannot increase the free Instagram views on private accounts, even if you purchase views.

Invite them for a live streaming session with you. This way, you can acquire exposure, and you can boost your presence on this platform. It is the most beneficial way, and it can build up a strong relationship with other influencers as well.

8. Create a strong brand image

You can be a part of the influencers’ community, but you need to build a brand image to stand out. Copying someone’s ideas is quite easy, but it loses the charm that can fascinate the viewers and followers.

If you would create a unique brand image for yourself, then there are high chances you will win by acquiring the desired output.

9. Use smart call-to-actions

Call-to-actions are the most significant factor for any business. You can add call-to-action in your posts to let the viewers know what you want them to do with your posts.

You can increase the number of viewers on your posts and future posts as well. It is a smart trick to keep the viewers tick.

10. Make use of stickers

As a user of social media, you would know the impact of stickers. They are the cutest stuff you can add in your stories to engage viewers.

Intentionally or unintentionally, it can astonishingly enhance the influence of your stories.

You can use emoticon sliders in your stories, add questions stickers to interact with your followers, and add other stickers in your posts to fascinate the viewers.

11. Focus on building a relationship

The foremost step, you need to take before you reach the viewers on Instagram. You should make up your mindset to acquire the viewers, turn them into your followers, and retain them in a long haul.

This is what matters the most. Winning more viewers and followers is hard, but sustaining them is critical. If you would successfully retain them, then it could bring you the fancied output.

You can retain the followers, and viewers by consistently uploading content, and engage with them by interaction, and connect with them emotionally.

12. Leverage popular topics

Trendy topics can help you win viewers and receive free Instagram views for your posts. Always stay updated about the trends because that’s a quick win for you.

You understand the importance of humorous content. The audience cannot forget the moments they laughed in.

So, make them laugh and bring smiles on their faces to retain them in the long run.

You can connect with them emotionally by uploading content on a delicate emotional situation. This way, they can connect with you and let them express their emotions by interacting with them.

Free Instagram views

What comes in your mind when you read or hear the word FREE? You think you would not have to pay money to gain something. Do not get embarrassed, it happens to all of us.

We are always looking for something affordable and in our budget. It is not for all people. Some people think they will receive increased value in return for spending a few bucks, and they are 80% correct.

Getting a high quality at low rates is very rare, but if you are going to trust a renowned brand, spending a large amount of money, then you will receive high value in return.

As a buyer, a high value will enhance your satisfaction level, and you will crave for more.

If you are here for free views on Instagram, then you can obtain it by implementing some strategies. But initially, you have to spend a small amount, or in other words, you can say, you can acquire cheap views on Instagram.

Thinking about the quality and bucks proportion? Then do not worry, you will gain the quality in return spending for cheap Instagram viewers, to get free Instagram views.

Buy Instagram views

Well, after our above suggestion, you might be thinking about where to buy views and how to buy it.

There is no complexity in buying these services. You will find many service providers, providing and increasing the views on your videos, getting followers, likes, and shares for your content.

It is a quick win. You can obtain the desired results in less time by spending a few bucks on views, likes, shares, etc.

We, SocialPrawn, are here to provide you views on Instagram.

Our team of professionals and experts dig deeper into the process to analyze how you would become successful on a particular platform.

Our services for social media can take you to the high levels of success with prosperity, credibility, popularity, and much more!

There are various packages available with different services, you can choose the one that suits your requirements, and then the rest is our job.

You will get Instagram viewers by real accounts for your video content in seconds. You can become a social media influencer by building a unique personal brand.

We do not rush to bring a large number of viewers to your videos. We bring real people onto your video content who are interested in viewing and watching your content in the future as well.

You will not receive fake accounts or bots in your video traffic.

Can you Buy Instagram Views?

Yes, you can. In fact, this is what’s recommended by most of the marketing experts because of the cut-throat competition in 2020 where everyone is trying their best to outdone others.

Consider this as a shortcut to success but it comes with its own fair share of danger( later described).

This shortcut can only help you if you buy from a quality provider otherwise it will do you more harm then good. If you buy from an inauthentic provider, then you can be in serious danger. You can lose your account as well as your data.

SocialPrawn uses proven strategies and marketing methods to provides 100% real and organic Instagram Views.

Benefits of Buying Instagram Views

There are many benefits of buying views rather than getting them organically.

Save Time

It saves time. When you purchase Instagram views instead of trying to do so yourself, you save a hell a lot of time and energy which you can invest in making new content and learning new things.

Save Money

When you buy views, you actually save money. How? Well, many people waste a lot of time to gain views on Instagram and at last, they gain nothing. As time is money, so one can say that they have wasted their money as well which they could have invested in buying Instagram views in the first place.

Increase Reach Faster

When you buy Views, your social reach increases and your audience gets bigger. Who wouldn’t want this?

Re-occurring Chain

When you buy Instagram views, you start a chain( if views are not from bots). From a few views comes more and more and this chain goes on and on.


If you buy real Instagram views which SocialPrawn provides then you get interactions as well. That means people will like, comment, and share your video. Isn’t that a treat.

Paid vs free Instagram Views

We are often asked this question what’s the difference between paid and free Instagram Views.

First thing first, there isn’t anything like free Instagram views. To get free Instagram views, you have to spend a lot of time and also do a lot of hard work.

That means if you are not investing money, you are investing your precious time and energy which will never come back.

That’s why in most of the cases, paid Instagram views are considered until and unless they are not from bots as bots are more harm than good.

You can decide whether you want to invest money or time. The choice is yours.

The organic views that SocialPrawn has outdone them all.

How many Instagram Views to buy

It totally depends on you. This is the choice you have to make. Nobody can tell you an exact figure.

If you are starting, then starting from a small figure would be the best choice. If you are in the middle then you can get a high number of views again not from providers who use bots.

What we recommend you do is spy on competitors so you can get an idea of where to start.

Read this before buying Instagram Views

You shouldn’t go and just buy Instagram views from anyone. Here are some things you should do to make sure you get a 100% result in the end.

Analyze Your Competitor

Analyze your competitor and see how many views they are getting on average. They may be getting 1000’s of views but this way you’ll get an idea and you will not shoot arrows blindly.

Say No To Bots

Don’t ever get views from bot, not even for free. These views will do you more harm than good. You’ll lose your money and get your account banned as well.

This way you’ll be left at hanging at a cliff with no choice remaining but to start from scratch.

Relevant Instagram Views

Always buy relevant Instagram Views as they are the real deal. Relevant views will be beneficial for you in the long term.

When to Buy Instagram Views

If you want to get success on Instagram and become an influencer then you should buy Instagram views.

Whether you have created a new Instagram account or have an old Instagram and not getting views the organic way, then you can buy Instagram Views.

You can either try the methods stated above to get free Instagram views or buy Instagram views first and apply those methods later. The latter option is better to ensure the best possible result at the end.

Where to Buy Instagram Views

This is a good question because many people buy Instagram views and Instagram ban their accounts for policy violations.

You can buy from wherever you want as long as they are not from not bots.

Because using bots is against Instagram policies and you can get banned because of it. Due to this, you will lose your current following and data as well.

So this is not the place where you want to go. You should make sure that you are not buying bots views to avoid all these complications

SocialPrawn uses proven strategies and marketing methods to provides 100% real and organic Instagram Views.

Why Choose SocialPrawn

SocialPrawn has been in the Social Media Marketing industry for over a long time and has helped many businesses to grow their social reach.

We offer features like non-drop Instagram Views and money-back guarantee which make us stand out from our competitors.

We also provide 24/7 supports so when you get into complications, you can just ring a bell and our team will be more than happy to help you.

How To Buy Instagram Views

Buying Instagram views is really easy. Here is a 5 step process to buy Instagram views.

  1. Go to
  2. Navigate over to Services > Instagram PromotionBuy Instagram Views.
  3. All packages will appear on your screen. Choose your desired package.
  4. Proceed to Checkout.
  5. Fill in your information and place your order.


You can increase the viewers on your Instagram account or page in many ways. But the key to boosting your presence, and becoming successful is retaining the audiences for views, likes, and shares. You can increase the views, likes, and shares on your content by providing them quality content.

All the tips we have given to you can enhance the fancied outcomes for sure. The thing that matters is you need a kickstart to make your dreams come true. For this, you need an initial push, and you can obtain it by investing some bucks; buy views on Instagram. Never forget to upload the content consistently, but never compromise on the quality. At last, quality surpasses the quantity.

If you would choose our services (buy Instagram views), then we can help you in building a strong brand image, and getting real views and viewers, likes, and shares for your posts on Instagram. Make a decision, purchase views on Instagram for getting the desired results, to win and succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you need my logins for Instagram views?

We will need link of your video post only. No login is needed.

Will views stay forever on my Instagram video?

Our promotion is real and organic. Views will stay forever on your Instagram video.