How to change Your Youtube video URL

Change YouTube URL

It’s easy to change the title, description and channel art of your YouTube channel but the same can’t be said about YouTube URL. When it comes to URL, YouTube has some requirements you need to fulfill if you want to get a custom URL.

This guide includes everything you need to know about the YouTube URL and how to change YouTube URL. So keep reading.

What is Custom URL

A custom URL is a URL you can select yourself, just like a unique username. It’s shorter than the URL YouTube assigns you by default. That’s why it’s easy to remember and to share with your audience. Moreover, it helps you in branding and gets you more YouTube views.

Eligibility Requirements for Custom URL

YouTube is strict when it comes to changing your YouTube URL. It has set some requirements that you need to meet to become eligible for a custom URL. Here are those requirements.

  • You should have at least 100 subscribers.
  • Your channel should be at least 30 days old.
  • Your channel should have an uploaded photo as a channel icon.
  • You should have a channel art.

If you fulfill all these requirements and tick all the boxes then you can proceed further. If not then you’ll not get a custom URL

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How to Change YouTube URL

You’ll have to perform these steps from your browser as the YouTube app doesn’t have this feature currently. Here’s how you can change the YouTube URL in just a few steps.

  • Go to and sign-in to your account.
  • Click the profile icon in the upper right corner and click on the gear to go to the “Settings” page.
  • On the next page, click “Advanced Settings” from the column of options on the left side.
  • Under “Advanced Settings,” select the link next to You’re eligible for a custom URL. This link will only appear if your channel is eligible for the custom URL.
  • YouTube will now show you the options from which you can choose from. You can add a few letters or numbers to make it unique.
  • Check the box that says “I agree to the Terms of Service
  • Click “Change URL” to confirm.

Be careful while changing the URL as this process is irreversible. You can’t change the custom URL twice. So choose the custom URL, keeping every aspect in mind.

How to Change YouTube Custom URL Twice

Although changing the Custom URL twice is not possible, there is a loophole that allows you to get a new YouTube URL. For this, first You’ll have to get rid of the previous Custom URL and apply for a new one.

Here’s how you can do this step-by-step.

  1. Go to and sign-in to your account.
  2. Go to your About Me page.
  3. You’ll see your current custom URL here. Press the pencil icon ahead of the URL.
  4. Press the X button to remove the URL permanently.
  5. Now press OK to confirm.

Your previous URL is now deleted and you can apply for a new custom URL again. Although the previous one wouldn’t stop working right away, the new one will also work fine.

You can get a custom URL again by following the steps written above in this guide.

Bottom Line

YouTube has a strict process if you want to change your YouTube URL. You can follow the steps given in this guide to get the work done easily.