How to delete your Youtube account

Delete YouTube Account

Whether you don’t want to follow any of the YouTubers, you used to love, or it’s time to start over with the platform. Or maybe your uploaded content isn’t up to mark and requires a restart.

Then you can delete Youtube account and start from the beginning.

Fortunately, deleting a YouTube account is pretty basic, and you can do it in a minute or so.

Although it’s a rapid task, it requires a lot of thinking beforehand because once you delete your account, you cannot get it back.

So make a decision carefully.

You’ll learn to

  1. Delete YouTube account.
  2. Delete Google Account.

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How To Delete YouTube Account

It’s not rocket science to delete YouTube account. Just follow the steps to get started.

  1. Log into your Youtube account you want to delete.
  2. Enter the email and password.
  3. Click on settings under your profile icon.
  4. Go to Youtube’s advanced account settings.
  5. Click on Advanced Settings. Then click on the Delete channel.
  6. Confirm by re-entering the password to delete content permanently.
  7. Confirm by checking both boxes that you want to delete your Youtube channel.
  8. Click delete my content to delete the Youtube channel once and for all.

When you delete Youtube account, you will lose uploaded videos, comments, likes or dislikes, and messages.

If you don’t want to delete your content, then consider hiding it.

You can hide your content using the archive option.

Basically, what archive option does is that it hides all your content, and only you can see it.

Your video’s stats like comments, shares, reactions, and share all remain intact.

You can un-hide this at any time without fear of losing content.

Delete Google Account

If you want to remove any evidence of your existence from YouTube, then simply delete your Google account from which you created your YouTube account.

Warning: This will not only delete your YouTube account but also other Google products like Docs, Gmail, Drive and their content too.

It’s not recommended in most of the cases as you cannot get your account and the products back, once they’ve deleted.

If you do not think carefully, then this option can cost you a lot.

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It’s effortless to delete YouTube account. You just have to do a few clicks to get the job done. But always think before doing such a task before it’s irreversible. You will not get your account or your content back.