YouTube Promotion

YouTube Promotion

What is YouTube Promotion?

YouTube promotion means to promote your channel or videos on YouTube to get viewers, subscribers, comments, watch hours, and most importantly growth.

Not long ago, YouTube was only a video-sharing platform, but now it’s the place where you go to boost your business.

YouTube marketing is a must when it comes to the growth of your channel.

Numerous sites are selling YouTube-related services out there, but not every service is worth the try.

SocialPrawn has helped many individuals and businesses to grow and receive their desired results. We deliver you results through safe and secure means.

How to Promote YouTube Channel

Getting successful on YouTube requires a lot of work. It’s a time-consuming process.

You can be successful on YouTube overnight only if you buy YouTube marketing.

These are some elements that can give you free YouTube Publicity. Let’s discuss each aspect.

Quality content

Quality content and high-quality videos should be your priority to become successful in the online world. If you are not creating quality content, you will not be able to retain the audience.

YouTube SEO

SEO is the process of finding the right keywords. This whole process revolves around placing the right keywords in the right places. It would help you gain more views and watch hours through the search engine.

Likes and comments

Try to get YouTube Likes and comments and likes because it sends a signal that the video will provide quality content. Our YouTube marketing can also help you acquire likes and comments to get ranked in the search results.


People like sharing useful content with their loved ones. However, quality content is necessary for being shared. Our services will help you receive more shares for your videos.

Watch hours

Watch hours/Watch time is necessary for monetizing your channel. People usually buy paid YouTube marketing services to get monetization in less time.

You need 4000 watch hours to get the AdSense ads run on your videos, and SocialPrawn works well for this purpose.

Gain viewers and subscribers Quick!

The main focus of promotion services is to gain more viewers and subscribers for your channel.

YouTube algorithm promotes videos with more views, and the only way to get views is by creating social proof. You can create social proof by buying viewers and subscribers.

Some Bonus Tips

  1. Prepare a script and avoid static videos.
  2. Build a long-term relationship with your viewers and subscribers.
  3. Interlink your videos to get more views. You can post your videos link in the description.
  4. Use cards to get more audience by notifying the viewers about your other videos.
  5. Know your audience and stay optimistic and positive.
  6. Create the content on different events but be fair and unbiased.
  7. Don’t forget to hook your viewers in the first 15 seconds of your videos to keep them intact.

Why Should You Buy YouTube Promotion?

There is a cut-throat competition on YouTube, especially for new YouTubers.

If you are new on YouTube, you need a proper plan to obtain the results you fancy, quickly.

Our services purely boost your channel. When you’d buy these services, you’d generate views, subscribers, likes, comments, and revenue.

Gone are the days when quality content and consistent uploading was the key to success on YouTube.

When you search for something on YouTube, a list of videos appears.

Videos with more viewers, subscribers, comments, and likes appear at the top while less popular videos appear at the end of search results.

It is an investment!

When you start a business, you invest a reasonable amount, in the beginning.  Only then can you expect ROI after some years.

YouTube is an online business. You can generate revenue by uploading good quality content and running ads on your videos.

Nevertheless, you have to invest in YouTube, and you can buy YouTube packages for promotion.

You will get the desired results, and sooner or later, you would be able to earn money through YouTube.

With the SocialPrawn YouTube Marketing services, you will get the views and subscribers on your videos you deserve.

Why Choose SocialPrawn?

The marketing services we provide are according to the Terms & Services of YouTube, and your account will get famous without getting banned.

What to ask more. Right?

But there’s more.

We provide non-drop YouTube services with a money-back guarantee. This is hard to find feature because most marketing services sellers provide temporary likes, views, and comments.

We have the edge over other service providers because we provide 100% real and organic YouTube services.

Yes, there are no bots or shady panels involved. Our work is 100% legit.

If you buy Marketing services from us, then you are doing your account a favour.

How to buy YouTube Promotion

Buying YouTube marketing packages is as easy as 123. Just follow the below steps to get started.

  1. Visit
  2. Navigate over to Services > YouTube Promotion.
  3. You will see All packages on your screen. Choose your desired package.
  4. Click to Checkout.
  5. Type in your information and place your order.


YouTube is an enormous platform, and you can get many benefits from it. Growing there, organically isn’t possible these days.

What you can do is buy our YouTube marketing packages to get the result quicker and shift your focus on creating better content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is YouTube promotion?

YouTube promotion is about marketing your YouTube channel or videos to reach a larger audience. This helps in increasing channel subscribers and more views on your videos.

How much does it cost for YouTube promotion?

At, we offer industry lowest prices to promote YouTube. Our YouTube promotion plans start from $18.

How does YouTube promotion work?

YouTube channel or video can be promoted via paid ads, sharing on social media sites or embedding on 3rd party video sites to reach more audiences and draw in more likes, views, and subscribers.

Where can i buy YouTube promotion? is one of the best agencies to hire for YouTube promotion. Because we use 100% real and organic promotional methods to market your channel and videos to the targeted audience. plus, we hate bots and our marketing campaigns would never put your account in jeopardy.

Why should I buy YouTube promotion?

There are a lot of benefits attached to promoting your YouTube channel or videos. With content reaching more audience, individuals, content creators can earn money from their videos. There are many YouTube celebrities who are earning in millions. The real rate a sponsor pays fluctuates, for the most between $0.10 to $0.30 per view. Yet average would be at $0.18 per view.